Saturday, June 25, 2011

Western Wear for American Girl Dolls

Every season I like to create an outfit with a western theme.  This year, I thought alot about Temple Grandin while I was designing this outfit (although I don't think Temple would wear a skirt). If you don't know Temple, let me take this opportunity to recommend the HBO movie (available in stores) TEMPLE GRANDIN. For those who may not be familiar with Temple Grandin, she is an autistic woman who has become one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry, Temple is accurately and wonderfully played by Claire Danes in the movie.. I don't personally know Temple, but her story is an inspiration to me.
Temple Grandin
For the outfit, I found a wonderful faux leather fabric with a western flower pattern usually seen on hand tooled western items.   And I was also able to get a wonderful western straw hat that really fits American Girl, and looks great on her.  The hat did come with a pink "suede" hat band/tie.   I replaced that with real leather.  It was a challenge to find a bead that would accomodate the leather straps..but obviously I finally did.

Cowgirl Outfit from CSBSEWS
I had a lot of fun embellishing the skirt and vest.   In addition to the suede trim, I added star conchos strung with real leather strips.  I lined the vest and jacket in black satin.  This is the first western shirt I have offered that has real western cuffs with brown pearl button snap closures to match the snaps down the front.   The shirt also has maroon piping at the yokes and cuffs.  The boots are soft leather with an embroidered design and they have a zipper on the side, making it easy to put the boots on or take them off.

If you want more information about this outfit, or to see additional pictures, visit CSBSEWS American Girl Doll Clothes  (This item has SOLD).

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beautiful Historical Gown for American Girl Dolls

The latest from CSBSEWS is a wonderful period gown.   The period is the late Victorian era.   Skirts are more flat in the front and hooped petticoats are disappearing.   This is a transition period to the more "wearer" friendly clothes of the Regency and Edwardian Eras.    

This is an interpretation of a Victorian Day Dress or Walking Dress.   Ladies wore these dresses on important social calls or a visit to a fine retail establishment followed by lunch at an exclusive tearoom.   Hats were required, of course, but the large feathered early Victorian styles are slowly being replaced by smaller hats, or as some call them today - "facinators".   Button boots were the footwear of choice when ladies would be out of the house in the daytime.

This is a piece for the serious American Girl Doll Collector, and, while it could be worn by any of the American Girl Dolls, I believe it is best suited to Samantha, Nellie, or perhaps Rebecca.   For additional information and more pictures visit CSBSEWS American Girl Doll Clothes.

Soon the first Halloween costumes will be available at CSBSEWS.   Stay tuned.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recap of Spring/Summer and a Fall Preview from CSBSEWS

The spring and summer line is complete now and I wanted to highlight items still available for the season at CSBSEWS American Girl Doll Clothes
Now is the time I designing and sewing for fall and Halloween.  I love creating the Halloween costumes, and they are always a big hit.   This year I will definitely have another unique witch (a perennial favorite), a new gypsy costume, a truly wonderful cowgirl ensemble, a surprise from the '50's and more surprises from the movies.   This year I will also have historical Halloween costumes for the dolls.

I will also be creating complete new ensembles for the historical dolls.   In September, two new doll books -- Meet Cecile and Meet Marie-Grace -- about New Orleans in the 1850's.   It will be joy to design for these girls!!

Items Available from the 2011
Spring/Summer Line:
For American Girl Molly:
Molly's Swing Dress with Shoes and Socks.  I love this look back at the late 40's
An authentic 1940's style sundress for Molly.  This was designed based on a Butterick sewing pattern from that era.   Reminiscent of the famous Joan Crawford style.
For American Girl Kit:

Springtime for Kit, complete with shoes.   The dress has embroidered ladybugs and butterflys.  This is a signature look from CSBSEWS.

A 1930's style cutwork lace dress for Kit, with shoes and sock.   This ensemble reflects the transition in fashion from the 20's to the 30's.

A wonderful, authentically styled box-pleated dress for Kit with shoes and socks.   This dress has the added bonus of being in summer's favorite colors of red, white and blue.

Spring and Summer for
the Modern American Girl Doll
All these fun summer outfits include shoes..

And for the 4th of July Celebration of America, a complete costume for American Girl!!

New shoes are coming to CSBSEWS - here is a preview.
(These items and more should be available by June 10th).

Enjoy your summer!!  Hope you  have time to read a really great book!! - Carolyn