Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday Dresses and Costumes for American Girl Dolls

Looking for that perfect Holiday Gift for your American Girl Doll ... here are my latest designs.  I think any one of them would make a great gift!!   As of this writing, all are available at CSBSEWS Doll Clothes on Etsy.   Please visit, as there are more photographs and detail descriptions of each item in my Etsy Store.

Clara at her Christmas Party from the Nutcracker Ballet (with Toe Shoes and Nutcracker)

French Ball Gown in the Style of Marie Antoinette (with panniers)
Complete Antebellum Ensemble, including Jacket, Bonnet, Skirt, Blouse, Pantaloons and Slip

Satin Tap Costume with White Tap Shoes.
Mardi Gras Costume with Mask and Shoes

Thanks for looking!!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Unique Halloween Costumes for American Girl Dolls

There are still a few Halloween Costumes left in my shop.   These are totally unique, and beautiful designs for your doll. 

The first is a "Day of the Dead" costume, which includes dress, apron, hat and sparkling shoes.  The main fabric features the iconic sugar skulls.

The second ensemble is a gypsy costume.  This include the dress (with underskirt), vest, scarf, necklace, and jeweled shoes. 

Here is an amazing vampire costume, made with real velvet for the "Queen of the Night".   Includes Cape, Dress, and Crown.

Also, visit CSBSEWS Doll Clothes on Etsy for a cowgirl outfit, french ball gown, and new tap dance costume.

Happy October!!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

American Girl Doll Witch Costumes for Halloween

I've completed three very special witch costumes for the 2013 Halloween Season.    Each costume is unique and special.   You can find more pictures and information at CSBSEWS Doll Clothes on Etsy

The first of the series is the classic Candy Corn Witch, in the colors of everyone's favorite Halloween Treat.

The second, colorful costume is a Rockin' Halloween Witch, for the doll that wants to party on Halloween.

The third costume is a Storybook Witch, incorporating elements from Fairytales in the Design.

That's all for now.   More costumes and holiday wear coming in August.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Summertime - Then and Now

Below are two summer outfits for American Girl Dolls, and they couldn't be more different.   The ensembles reflect the changes in dress for young girls over the last century.   A young, southern girl in Maria Grace or Cecile's time would wear a lovely summer antebellum style dress and matching bonnet, with undergarments consisting of a corset, slip and bloomers.   She would dress in this style for visiting neighbors, perhaps sharing a cold ice tea or lemonade on the veranda.   She would fan herself and stay as comfortable as she could, while dressing and behaving appropriately for the times.

Today, the definition of appropriate dress and behavior has changed considerably.  You will find today's American Girl working in the garden and enjoying all types of outdoor fun, dressed for utility and comfort.

Both these summer outfits are available at CSBSEWS Doll Clothes on Etsy.

I've just completed my shopping list for Halloween Costumes, so soon I will be listing all new costumes for Halloween 2013.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Steampunk for American Girl Dolls - 2013

Presenting my 2013 Steampunk Ensemble for American Girl Dolls.   More information at CSBSEWS Doll Clothes on Etsy.    This outfit includes the jacket, shirt, pants, tights, hat, scarf and - bonus- free boots.   The price includes free USPS Priority Mail Shipping in a white gift box, with insurance and delivery confirmation.   

Thanks for looking?   Next up, more dance costumes and Regency looks for Caroline.   Then it will be time for Halloween Costumes.  I hope to have a larger inventory of Halloween costumes this year.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Set of 1930's and 1940's Style Dresses for Kit and Molly - Clearance Sale on Etsy

I'm continuing the  move to Etsy and I have grouped the following items for sale.   The sale is for the dresses - Doll, Shoes and other accessories are NOT included.   This is a wonderful opportunity to build your doll's wardrobe.   All the dresses are new, and the sets will ship USPS Priority mail in a white gift box.   Visit CSBSEWS Doll Clothes on Etsy for more details and pictures.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Item on Etsy, and Clearance Sale on Accessories

I am moving CSBSEWS Doll Clothes to Etsy.   ( will take you my Etsy Store Page.)  I am clearing out the accessories in my store, as they are not eligible for sale on Etsy.  The first item I am offering is a lot of accessories, including 1 pair of Camo Boots, 1 pair of Brown T-Strap Shoes, 1 Denim Purse, and 1 Silver and Gold Dress Purse.

The item is up for bid (with free shipping) at Accessories for Sale on Ebay.

I have just finished the following and have it for sale on Etsy.

Marie Antionette French Ball Gown for American Girl Doll Felicity
This is a lovely ball gown popular in France in the 1700's in the style of dress worn by Marie Antoinette and Madame Pompadour (with panniers to extend the width of the skirts at the side while leaving the front and back relatively flat). Felicity will be striking in this ensemble.

Visit my new site at Etsy and check out the action at Ebay.   I will be offering additional lots of different items, as I wind down the web site.   You can like CSBSEWS on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to get immediate notification when new items are listed either on Ebay or Etsy.  

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Monday, April 8, 2013

1970's Style for American Girl Doll Julie

Styles in the 1970's were very distinctive.   Pants had flared legs, and vests were a common accessory.  Leotards became very popular and remained popular though out the decade.   Hats were very popular, especially floppy hats.  And flowers were a very popular motif for all the clothes in this era.

I am please to offer the following 1970's style ensemble for American Girl Doll Julie.  (Patterns courtesy of MDH Designs).   Additional pictures and information at

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

American Girl Doll of the Year Saige.

Saige is the new American Girl Doll of the Year.  ("Saige Copeland™ loves the arts and her horses. But when both of her passions are threatened, she turns to her creative side. With imaginative solutions, she proves that one girl can make a difference.") 

I am pleased to offer these two collections for SaigeBoth are available at CSBSEWS Doll Clothes on Etsy..   Visit the store for more photos and additional information.  Coming Soon - New outfit for Julie, and more dance costumes.



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Antebellum Fashion plus Outfits for Valentine's Day

After the holidays I spent the last weeks completing a new 1850's antebellum fashion for American Girls Cecile or Maria-Grace.   The ensemble consists of a two-piece dress, bonnet, blouse, underskirt and pantaloons.   The dress is made from a very colorful paisley print and contrasting lighter print, trimmed with "gold buttons".  A stunning outfit for your doll.  Please visit CSBSews Doll Clothesfor more pictures and information.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I have two outfits in the store that would make perfect Valentine's Day gifts.  

The first outfit features a dress with a very full skirt, made from a heart print, white socks, and red slippers embellished with red bows. 

The second ensemble is a very soft flannel pajama and robe set.   The robe is made from a flannel and heart print, which coordinates with the green summer pajamas and slippers.

Visit CSBSEWS Doll Clothes for these outfits and more.   And don't forget to follow CSBSEWS Doll Clothes on Facebook or Twitter for immediate notification of new item listings.

And its worth remembering as the cold weather comes:  No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.