Friday, November 20, 2015

Dance Costumes (Ballet, Tap and Jazz) for American Girl Dolls

As most of you know, I love to make dance costumes for American Girl and other 18 inch soft-bodied dolls.   I think every girl hopes to dance in her own way, and take her doll with her.

Here are some costumes still available at CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy as of this writing.  All the costumes are complete with the appropriate shoes and head dress and would make wonderful gifts.



The Firebird

 The Nutcracker
Snow Queen

 Sugar Plum Fairy


Saturday, November 7, 2015

1950's Bubble Skirt Style for American Girl Maryellen Larkin

In the late 1950's, the bubble skirt became a popular style dresses. A bubble skirt is a full skirt that folds under at the hem and is gathered into a smaller lining. This forms a pretty pouf at the hem rather than the knife edge we are used to.  They were also called balloon hems or harem skirts.    The outer skirt is cut longer and wider than the lining. The edge of the outer skirt is gathered and sewn to the smaller lining, . The skirt layers are then sewn to the waistband or bodice of the dress.

With the help of patterns from MHD Designs, I have created this look for the new doll from American Girl, Maryellen Larkin.

As of this writing this ensemble is available at CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Historical Costumes for American Girl Dolls by CSB Sews Doll Clothes

I've finished sewing for the 2015 Halloween Season - didn't get to write about some of them as the sold too fast.   Now I am sewing period pieces for the dolls - these would make great Holiday gifts.

First is a lovely lace covered Regency Era dress and Bonnet for American Girl Doll Caroline Staub.  

Secondly, I have created an everyday Victorian Era Dress and Hat for American Girl Doll Samantha.

I have photographed the "inside" finishing of a couple of my items.   One has sold, the other is the Victorian dress for Samantha.   I line almost all of the clothing I make and wanted to "advertise" that fact.

Inside of a Halloween Costume (sold)

Inside of the Victorian Dress

All of this writing these items are available at CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy.

See you soon,


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New American Girl BeForever Doll

The American Girl company is releasing a brand new doll as part of an ongoing series of historically-themed dolls. The new addition to the American Girl collection is Maryellen Larkin, and she comes from the era of post-war 1950s.

According to People, the BeForever line of dolls includes characters from some of America’s most trying times, including the Civil War, World War II, and the Great Depression. But the newest American Girl doll is based around a happier part of American history: 1954.

Each American Girl doll comes with her own backstory and characteristics, and Maryellen Larkin is no different. She’s a strawberry blonde 9-year-old from Florida with a passion for drawing. The doll comes with an array of outfits appropriate for 1954, as well as three books with original stories about the doll’s character. These stories show the American Girl doll having adventures within the historically accurate realm of the post-war 50s. All three books are written by Valerie Tripp.

“At first glance, Maryellen’s circumstances appear determinedly normal,” the author said. “I did this deliberately, so that I could show that the extraordinary exists with the extra-ordinary, and it is Maryellen’s own sparky pizzazz that makes the difference.”

Fans of American Girl have been requesting a doll from the 1950s since the company started way back in 1986. Decades later, they’ve finally delivered with the adorable Maryellen Larkin. 

 Looking forward to sewing 1950's mid-century outfits for Maryellen.   


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First Costumes for Halloween 2015

I started on Halloween Costumes early this year in order to meet demand.   Here are the first costumes for American Girl Dolls for Halloween 2015 from CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy.  Visit the store for more pictures and information. 






I've been recovering from a broken ankle (klutz that I am) but should be good to go very soon and will continue to create more costumes for this Halloween Season.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Dance Costumes for American Girl Dolls

Spring is dance recital season.  Here are two new costumes, one tap and one ballet, for that special occasion.   Both costumes include shoes.  Visit CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy for more pictures and information

Black and white sequined retro-style tap costume (the box hat features a large sequined bow).

Next, the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Ballet.  Beautiful embellishment on this costume.

I will soon be starting on my Halloween Costumes so I can meet demand this year.  Follow CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Facebook or Twitter for immediate notification of what's new at CSB Sews.

See ya soon,


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

18th Century Formal Dress for American Girl Dolls Felicity or Elizabeth

Eighteenth Century formal dress for American Girl Dolls Felicity or Elizabeth inspired by the ideas and designs of Magalie H. Dawson (MHD Designs).  

By the 1770s the sack-back gown was second only to court dress in its formality. This style of gown had fabric at the back arranged in box pleats which fell loose from the shoulder.  In front, the gown was open, showing off a decorative stomacher and petticoat. It would have been worn with a wide square hoop or panniers under the petticoat. Scalloped ruffles often trimmed elbow-length sleeves.

There is much more information about this ensemble at CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy - Formal Dress for Felicity or Elizabeth.

I did promise a Victorian Ensemble, but the one I created sold before it appeared in the Stitching Post.  But here it is along with a few other new items (mostly sold) at CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy.

Girly Girl - Still Available

 Victorian Ensemble for Samantha

 Retro School Dress for Kit or Ruthie

See ya soon!!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Does Your Doll Need a New Dress?

I've created a trio of cotton dresses for your American Girl Doll.   Update her wardrobe with these are fun, versatile, easy going dresses,

This ensemble was created with Kit, Ruthie and the 1930's in mind:

This jumper, lace trimmed blouse and headband were designed with the 1940's and Molly in mind.

And finally, an 1800's Civil War Dress that would be perfect for Addy, Marie Grace or Cecile.

As always you can visit CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy for more pictures and information.

See you soon with a new Victorian Era Dress and Hat for your doll.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

New for 2015 from CSB Sews Doll Clothes

I am so happy to present these three ensembles for your doll for the New Year!!   As always get more pictures and information at CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy

First, just in time for Mardi Gras is a complete Jester Costume (with hat and shoes).   Celebrate!!!  Jesters have been popular figures for centuries, but have you ever wondered where they originated? Also called a joker or fool, jesters were hired to tell jokes and provide entertainment to royalty. Their distinctive hats were floppy with jingle bells on each of three points. These points were to represent a donkey’s tail and ears, which were worn by the earliest jesters.  Jesters provide entertainment for the King and Queen of Carnival during Mardi Gras.

Next I have created a costume inspired by Stravinsky's Firebird ballet.  The costume includes tights and "hard toe" ballet shoes.  The  Firebird ballet is a story full of magic and love. It tells the story of Prince Ivan's journey to win the heart of his princess but first, he has to get past the evil magician, Kostche├». He captures the Firebird and in order to secure her release, the Firebird gives the Prince a feather so he can summon her when he needs help. All is well in the end, with the Firebird's assistance, the Prince frees his Princess and they marry and live happily ever after.  

Last, but not least, I am offering a First Communion dress with veil and necklace.   First Communion is the first reception of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, and in the Roman Catholic churches occurs typically at age seven or eight. (SOLD)

Thanks for looking.