Sunday, September 27, 2009


Victorian clothes are so attractive to me.  I'm not sure why I (and many, many others) share this love of women's and children's clothes from the late 1800's - early 1900's.   I particularly love the "over-the-top" versions of these clothes, as expressed in French fashion magazines of the time.   And made so exquistely for the dolls of that era.

I have tried to recreate two of these dress for the American Girl Doll.   It was an interesting experience.  It took time to find the fabrics locally, (ah, to have a Mood Fabric Store in Oklahoma!) and to create my own dress patterns.   The dresses were expensive to produce as the fabrics and trim were costly and the construction was time consuming.   But I had the satisfaction of completing the victorian dresses and hope to do more for the spring line of clothes.  These items are available now at CSBSEWS American Girl Doll Clothes

The rose print dress reflects an American Victorian doll dress, while the silk dress and bonnet are modeled on the French Victorian style.

For those more interested in today's looks, I have added new winter items for the modern American Girl Doll to the offerings at CSBSEWS.  



  1. Carolyn - the work you do is absolutely amazing!
    Once you have a concept in mind, how many hours go into creating the pattern, and then making a doll dress from it?

  2. Thanks for the compliment!! Since every item I make is unique, I really don't have an good estimate. However, I have never created any item in less than 2 days, and some take much more time.

  3. Both are just beautiful. What a talent and eye for detail you have!

  4. I love the dresses of old too !
    I imagine myself wearing treasures like these - Such style and detail, but just not practical for today's world :(

    You made such pretty dress for your dolls - I'm sure these will sell fast !

    Organically Yours,

  5. I saw your post over on that are in sewing mode this week, making some new things --- can't wait to see them!!!