Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year for CSBSEWS American Girl Doll Clothes

CSBSEWS was very busy during the holidays. And now I am busy getting CSBSEWS ready for the new year and January 2nd, 2010 re-opening. I have made a lot of changes to the store. (Thanks to the folks at BISI for updating options on the stores). The design is new. Also, I have started a new category "Films and Fairy Tales" and am creating clothes based on stories and films. On the plus side, there are many characters to choose from. On the down side, it does take time to create the outfits. (I really don't mind). I have also introduced a new shipping option, First Class mail. A buyer can choose from first class shipping or priority mail shipping. First class requires the use of a mailer to stay within the 13 oz weight limits. Items shipped priority mail will continue to be sent in white gift boxes. Shipping costs are rising, and I felt it was necessary to give buyers a lower cost shipping option.

The blizzard has slowed down, actually halted trips to the fabric store, so I couldn't create as many new items as planned. But the thaw is coming and I will be working with the sewing fairies (me) until the store is fully stocked again.

Please visit and see the changes for yourself.

Hears wishing a Happy and Prosperous 2010 to each and everyone of you!!

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