Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Passion for Creating

I have met so many wonderful creative people since I becamed involved in E-commerce. Running an on-line business requires a commitment to many areas, including forums.

One of my favorite forums is The Selling Lounge. I have received help, support and inspiration from the members I have met there. A short discussion I had with two of the members focused my thoughts on the difference between folks who are "making things to sell" and those who "have a passion to create".

Mary Russel (Novels by Mary Russel) writes wonderful children books and had commented on the "voices in her head" and noted that she had to get the ideas down on paper to calm the voices. Diana creates natural homemade soaps, perfumes and other organic items (Organic Gifts by Diana). and she added that when she had an idea for an item she couldn't sleep until she tried it out.

I am very thankful to them, because this is the way I feel when I design and sew my doll clothes. When I get an idea for an ensemble for American Girl, I have to go with that idea. I argue with myself about the viability of the design: that the outfit is not teen "fashion forward"; because of the materials I want to use it will be "too expensive"; no one will want that style. But,in order to still the voices and get some sleep, I have to continue with that creation.

After the short discussion with Diana and Mary I realized that anyone who has a passion for creating anything will be compelled to follow that passion where it takes them. Hopefully following that passion leads to commerical success, but as I and I'm sure Mary and Diana can attest, that is secondary to the absolute need to create.

And where has my passion led me lately?? I am inspired by the approaching holidays. Fall air is sneaking in every so often and that is influencing my design decisions.

Here are few pictures of items created in my "fall and holiday" mood:

Holiday Silk Dupioni Dress for American Girl Doll Felicity

Halloween Fairy Costume for American Girl Dolls

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention !

    Yes, we creative folks sure do "get a bee in our bonnet" as Grandma would have said and just HAVE to work through our ideas - LOL

    Organically Yours,

  2. What a nice blog entry! And I love the last dress pictured... the silk holiday gown. Very nice!