Sunday, July 3, 2011

Magic Fairy Costume for American Girl Dolls

I love to create fairy costumes for Halloween for American Girl Dolls.Fairies are so magical, and girls have always loved them, from Tinkerbell on. Every year I offer at least one fairy costume. But they have always been generic costumes.  

 (The fairies have evolved over the years)





This year I discovered Rainbow Brights' Magic Fairy Book Series These are wonderful stories for girls who love Fairies and because there are many different fairy series, there is a series for every girl.  All the series follows the lives of Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker and their magical adventures with their fairy friends
Rainbow Magic is a children's fiction publisher best known for the children's books. A publishing phenomenon, “Rainbow Magic” has sold 20+ million copies in 31 languages worldwide, including over 6 million books in print in the U.S. The series of books are highly collectible and regularly featured in children’s bestseller lists.  =
Morgan the midnight fairy is from the Twilight Fairies.  "Meet Ava, Lexi, Zara, Morgan, Yasmin, Maisie and Sabrina. Rachel and Kirsty can't wait for their week at Camp Stargaze! They'll get to roast marshmallows, tell spooky stories, and sleep in cool cabins. But when the Night Fairies' magic goes missing, Rachel and Kirsty have another activity to add to their list --- helping their fairy friends!"

Morgan's Magic Fairy Book

What a wonderful costume for American Girl Dolls.   And a great way to for you or your child to discover the Magic Fairy Series.

This costumes has SOLD, but soon there will be many more at CSBSEWS Doll Clothes.

Morgan the Midnight Fairy from The Magic Fairy Series for American Girl Dolls

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