Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Historical Costumes for American Girl Dolls by CSB Sews Doll Clothes

I've finished sewing for the 2015 Halloween Season - didn't get to write about some of them as the sold too fast.   Now I am sewing period pieces for the dolls - these would make great Holiday gifts.

First is a lovely lace covered Regency Era dress and Bonnet for American Girl Doll Caroline Staub.  

Secondly, I have created an everyday Victorian Era Dress and Hat for American Girl Doll Samantha.

I have photographed the "inside" finishing of a couple of my items.   One has sold, the other is the Victorian dress for Samantha.   I line almost all of the clothing I make and wanted to "advertise" that fact.

Inside of a Halloween Costume (sold)

Inside of the Victorian Dress

All of this writing these items are available at CSB Sews Doll Clothes on Etsy.

See you soon,