Saturday, January 8, 2011

Historical Fashion Era Clothing Design Resources

Do you love clothing for your dolls from the great historical fashion eras as much as I do?  Victorian? Edwardian? Regency? Belle Epoch?  These clothes are what I love to design and sew for the dolls.  In my research I have come across many resources for these great fashion items.

If you are interested in beautiful historical clothing, and fashion eras through the years, check out the following sites.  They are wonderfully information and have a lot of great pictures, etc. 

Fashion Era - One of the Definitive Sites on Historical Fashion

I also love the Tom Tierney Paper Doll Books (Tom Tierney Paper Dolls).  Mr. Tierney recreates fashion from many eras, and if you look closely at some of the upcoming historical fashions that will be offered for American Girl Dolls at CSBSEWS American Girl Doll Clothes you will see fashions inspired by his books.  (His books are available at his Ebay Store - there is a link to the store from his website and the books are also available at  Here is a sampling of the books:

And Finally, I did it!!!   Added accessories to CSBSEWS American Girl Dolls Clothes.   There are accessories for the modern doll as well a few great historical doll shoes.  In addition to offering shoes and purses for the dolls, I will also be able to offer more complete clothing ensembles.  This poster shows a sampling of some the items now available.


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