Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Even with Storms and Power Outages

We had storms and power outages Monday evening and Tuesday. This weather is always fun for us, as one of our dogs (a lab/chow mix) loses her mind (even with drugs)when there is thunder and lightning. Our other dog (a German Shepherd) then tries to help her calm down and all you-know-what breaks loose. Needless to say, no one slept that night. Then after the storm ended and the dogs went to sleep, we couldn't sleep because there was no power and we were too hot to do much of anything.

Anyway, in spite of all this, I managed to finish Kit's school dress and list it in the store. I am going to work on Felicity now .. write more when something is accomplished.

1 comment:

  1. Your dog sounds likemy cat - who, in addition to thunder, has shuttle and rocket launches and sonic booms to deal with. He really freaks when the shuttle returns home, and the twim booms rattle the windows here.

    BTW - the plaid school dress reminds me f some from my elementary school days.